In our production facilities and on the site we are fully compliant with the following international standards:

  • Prefabrication, fabrication and assembly in conformity with: EN 13480, EN13445, EN12952 etc.

  • Material Grouping in conformity with CR ISO 15608.

  • Standard pipeline diameters of DN15 รท DN2000

Welding Technology

  • Specification and qualification of welding procedures in conformity with EN ISO 15614-1 and AD 2000 HP 2/1; TIG, MAG, MMA (SMAW), combined TIG/MMA.

  • Welders certified in conformity with EN 9606-1, PED 2014/68/EU and AD 2000 HP3.

  • Welding processes:

    • TIG
    • MAG
    • MMA (SMAW)
    • Combined TIG/MMA

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